Discover Art and Design Schools by Location in Michigan

Located in the Great Lakes Region, Michigan is the 8th most populated state in the United States, and the 11th by area. It is said that people is never more than six miles from a water source, because Michigan has more than 64.000 lakes and ponds over only 98.000 square miles. It is separated in two peninsulas. Upper Peninsula is an economy important source for tourism and natural resources. The state capital is Detroit.

Concerning education, Michigan's education system has an annual enrollment of 1.6 million students in public schools and 125.000 students in private schools. Institutions Michigan State and University of Michigan are leading institutions referring research area.

Michigan is often remembered by motorized sports (NASCAR) and basketball (Detroit Pistons) or hockey (Detroit Red Wings), but it is also an important region for art, architecture, agriculture or tourism.


List of Art and Design Schools by Location in Michigan: